What's this Fiber Optic Network Project all about?

We're glad you asked!

Here’s a list of some of our most frequently asked questions when it comes to our Fiber-to-the-Home project.

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Q. How will a fiber connection benefit me?

A: As the local telecommunications provider, GTel is applying the most advanced technology – fiber optics – to
ensure that residents continue to receive the highest-quality service at the most affordable rates. The fiber optic
network will provide great sound quality and high levels of reliability. In addition, the fiber network will provide
the increased bandwidth needed to offer faster internet speeds and whatever exciting new services the
future brings.

Q. Why Fiber?

A: Business and home owners are using technologies that require more and more bandwidth. Fiber optics is
the best technology to keep up with the bandwidth demand. A single hair-thin optical fiber can carry up to 1000
times as much information as copper (traditional telephone network material) or coax (traditional cable
television network material). Fiber networks are extremely reliable and can carry voice, data, or video into the
same house at the same time! It’s really quite magical!

Q. Where is the fiber network being constructed?

A: The fiber network will be constructed throughout the townships of Germantown, Clermont, Livingston, Gallatin and Taghkanic. All business and residential customers will eventually be connected to the new fiber network. These five townships will become the newest fiber optic community in New York.

Q. When will you be in my area?

A: .  Because of the size of this project, it is a multi-year initiative that will take us into 2021.  We would love to get everyone connected as soon as possible, but it’s a little more complicated than just flipping a switch.  To stay informed on our construction schedule we encourage you to pre-register your home address at: gtelfiber.net. Once you’ve pre-registered, you’ll receive communications from us as we move through the construction phases.

Q. I like my service the way it is now. Do I have to switch over to fiber?

A: Yes. Eventually, GTel will be moving all of its services over to the fiber network for those customers living in the GTel serving area. You’ll receive faster internet options, crystal clear phone connections, and digital video services all on our secure fiber optic network.

Q. Will I need to upgrade the wiring or equipment in my home?

A: When our technicians arrive to install the necessary  conversion equipment inside your home, they will also check your inside wiring. The technician will be able to tell you if the existing wiring is okay. If your inside wiring does need upgrading, GTel can perform the work for you at that time, or at a later date. If it is necessary for your installation, it will be included in your installation fees. If you have additional wiring needs, GTel will perform the work for you at our low hourly rate. You will not have to change any of your telephone equipment.
(Note: Customers with older computers or devices may need to upgrade their hardware/software if they want to take full advantage of increased Internet speeds.)

Q. What new services and bundles will be available?

A: GTel is excited to be offering increased internet speeds  (download and upload) and combined service bundles. Call and speak to one of our Customer Service Representatives to find the best services to fit your needs. You can also visit: gtel.net for details.

Q. What happens when my service is "switched over" to the fiber network?

A: Our goal is to switch our customers over with minimal  inconvenience. After the main line construction is finished and you’ve completed the sign-up process, our technicians will be out to complete the connection of your home. At this time, the technicians will not disconnect or remove your current service feed or any inside wiring. Once all of this is complete, a GTel Customer Service Representative will contact you via telephone to confirm your service selections and coordinate a date for your conversion. Typically, on the day of installation, a residential customer will be without service for five to ten minutes while the actual cut-over takes place.

Q. Can I use my own router with GTel Fiber?
Absolutely! If you choose to supply your own router and you’re on GTel Fiber, the process is very simple. The router you select must support a network authentication protocol called PPPoE. At GTel, we use PPPoE to securely authenticate routers so they can access the Internet. Most modern routers support the PPPoE protocol but be sure to check with the manufactuer’s documentation before choosing a router. A few router solutions that we know support the PPPoE protocol and work on GTel Fiber include: Amplifi, Google Nest Wifi, Linksys Velop, and Netgear Orbi*.

*GTel technical support is not able to troubleshoot issues with these or other customer owned routers or equipment.

This deployment of broadband service is supported by a grant awarded to GTel by New York State through the New NY Broadband Program.