GTel Fiber Sign Up Form (Non-Promotional)

Gtel Fiber Sign Up (Without Promotional Pricing)

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Internet Service

PackageSpeedStandard InstallationStandard Pricing
100 Mbps Download 50 Mbps Upload$60.00$99.00/mo
50 Mbps Download 20 Mbps Upload$60.00$79.99/mo
25 Mbps Download 5 Mbps Upload$60.00$59.99/mo

Learn more about Managed Wi-Fi Here

TV Service

Select a package to see details on included channels and services.
Learn more about our Television offerings Here

*A $75 installation fee applies to any new TV Service for the first set. Additional sets $50 at initial installation date.

**Additional boxes are available for $5/box per month

Additional Set Top Boxes available for $5.00/mo. Please select the total number of televisions you would like to have service above.

Premium TV Services

Phone Service

Learn more about our calling features here
Additional Calling Features
Learn more about our calling features here
Note: Phone service will NOT work in case of power outage without a UPS battery backup installed. UPS will allow you to keep your phone line in service during a power outage for up to 8 hours (depending on usage). This is not mandatory, but without it, access to E911 will not work when power is out. More information can be found HERE

Bill Payment and Additional Options

We will invite you to special events and may email you information to pass out to your neighbors
If you do not accept the charges associated with the selected services, please do not submit this form and contact our Business Office.

Please read the following terms and conditions before submitting this form

Once this form is completed and submitted to GTel, I agree to activate service from GTel upon service being available at my location. I am either the owner of the potential service location or have permission from the owner to apply for GTel service.

I agree to pay a $49.00 connection fee (additional installation charges may apply. If I choose not to take service after my location has been prepped for install, I will be responsible for any charges related to completed prep work. I agree to continue active service with GTel for a minimum of 12 months following the installation of my fiber service. If I disconnect all GTel services within the first 12 months, a $250 early termination fee plus any outstanding charges will be applied to my account. (*Monthly rates are subject to change, unless identified as a pre-registration rate within a specified time period. Voice service may be required, based on your location, to activate GTel Internet service.)

I also give permission to be contacted by GTel regarding potential future GTel services. I give permission for GTel to make such contact via telephone, cellular phone, email, and/or postal mail regarding GTel services. If I choose to change these preferences, I can do so online or in the office by completing the proper authorization documents.

If you do not accept the Terms and Agreements, please do not submit this form and contact our Business Office.