Terms and Conditions

Application agrees to take service from GTel upon service being available at their locations. Applicant is either owner of the potential service locations or has permission from the owner to apply for GTel service. If applicant chooses not to take service after the location has been prepped for install., applicant will be responsible for any charges related to completed prep work.
Applicant agrees to pay a $49 connection fee (additional installation charges may apply). Applicant agrees to continue service with GTel for a minimum of 12 months. Voice service may be required based on your location to activate internet service. If applicant disconnects service within the first 12 months a $250 early termination fee plus any outstanding charges will apply. Monthly rates are subject to change, unless identified as a pre-registration rate within a specified time period.
Applicant also gives permission to be contacted by GTel regarding potential future GTel services. Applicant gives GTel permission to make such contact via the phone, cell phone, email, and/or regular mail regarding GTel services.