Test Map

We are currently evaluating the areas below for potential fiber to the home infrastructure. Please fill out our interest form to let us know your wondering if GTel Fiber is available to you.  This will let us know what areas to build next, and allow you to stay updated on the progress of your Fiberhood.

Find your Fiber Zone

1: Enter your House Number and Zip Code

[fiberhoodmap town=”GTEL Test” height=”800px”]


Fiberhood Complete

All homes and businesses are connected with GTel Fiber! If you live in one of these areas, you can still sign up for service, just click the link below for your zone.

[fiberhoodprogress fontsize=”25px” height=”80px” width=”160px” town=”GTEL Test” stage=”Fiberhood” sort=”desc”]

Schedule Install

All sign-up goals have been met and fiber is ready to be installed. Let us know when you are ready for your GTel Fiber installation!

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Fiber is ready in your zone, sign-up for service online and when the sign-up goal is reached, we will contact you to schedule an installation date.

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While we finalize our plans, let us know you are interested in GTel Fiber so we know where to build first. Click here to submit our interest form.