GTel Television

Our digital TV service offers a variety of channels including regional networks, national broadcasters, digital music and premium programming. We’ve got a package to fit your needs!


GTel’s IPTV product offers the greatest in entertainment without all of the long-term contracts and gimmicks.  Our local service and support is here to enhance your entertainment experience by offering you a 24/7 Technical Support Team and local customer service.  Have a question? Need some help? Call us. You’ll always get a real person on the phone no matter when you call.  Check out our service offerings and call to schedule your installation today!  For information about recent rate changes, click here.

TV Packages

Three channel packages to choose from

Channel Lookup

Looking for a particular channel in your current package? Want to know what channels are included in another package? Visit our Channel Lineup page, or click on the button below to browse through our current offerings.

HD & Premium Packages

With GTel Basic or Expanded service, add any of these packages to enhance your TV experience

High Definition


Get your favorite Basic, Expanded, and Premium networks in High Definition with no additional equipment or upgrade charges!







With GTel’s Cloud DVR, record your favorite shows and movies with the click of a button!

Streaming TV Services

If your viewing preferences are more limited in scope or your trying to save money on your monthly bills, consider opting to use one or more streaming TV services in conjunction with your GTel service options.  They’re available for a low monthly cost and work in combination with your GTel high-speed Internet service.  Keep your local content with GTel Local Basic and complete your lineup with your choice of monthly streaming memberships.  Learn about some of steps to get you started.

Streaming Devices

Streaming video isn’t just for your tablet or smart phone anymore.  With the use of a smart TV or an external device, you can turn your home TV into an on-demand video streaming solution.  Here are some links to the most popular external devices used for streaming content.

Streaming Subscriptions

Whether you’re looking for movies or series, past or present, pay-per-view or all inclusive will determine which streaming service is right for you.  Here are some links to the most popular streaming services.

Connecting Your Devices

It’s very simple to get started streaming content in your home. Most devices come with step-by-step instructions on how to connect to your TV, download your apps, and start streaming.  But if you have trouble connecting your device to your GTel Internet service, that’s where we come in.  GTel Customer Support and Technicians are here to help get your devices and applications working by ensuring they are connected correctly and that you have the broadband speeds you need to support your viewing habits.


Give our office a call and our representatives can create a customized service solution for you and if needed, we can schedule a time for our Technicians to come help set it up.

GTel TV Features


User-friendly interactive guide

Restart TV


Pause Live TV


Guide View Personalization


Built in parental controls


Advanced Search Functionality

Customizable Closed Captions

Local Weather, Games, and more!

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