Why GTel Fiber

One of the most common questions we receive is “Why do I need Fiber?” or “Why is Fiber important?” To answer some of these questions, we have listed a few of the most notable benefits of switching to Fiber

What is Fiber?

Fiber Optic Cable, or what is often referred to as Fiber, is the newest technology available for transmitting high speed Internet, Digital Television, and a host of Telephone services directly to your home. Unlike DSL, which is connected from our office to your home utilizing traditional copper telephone wires, Fiber Optic technology uses light to transmit data over a glass wire about the same thickness as a hair. Since Fiber uses light, we are able to send information faster and more reliably than ever before, enabling us to provide you with better services at better prices.


One of the most important differences between Fiber and DSL are the speeds that can be achieved with Fiber. Fiber can reach speeds over 100 times that of DSL, meaning we are able to offer Internet speeds capable of supporting all modern uses for the Internet from checking Email to streaming 4K video.


Due to DSL’s reliance on copper wires, it can be heavily affected by weather, especially moisture and lightning, which could lead to corrosion or electrical interference. Since Fiber uses light waves transmitted through glass, there is little to no possibility for water or lightning to affect the signal. This leaves you with less interruptions in your services and a better overall experience.

Easy to Upgrade

One of major issues encountered with DSL is the degradation of the signal, and therefore the loss of Internet speeds as the length of the cable increases. Since Fiber is able to go much longer distances than DSL is, there is very little degradation of the signal as it is sent from our office to you. Therefore, we are able to offer services that can be upgraded many times more than previous DSL services. Fiber technology allows us to be prepared to bring you new services and continuously improve our current services for many years to come.